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3 November
A very big thank you to Bogwitch for my LJ icon.

Unfortunately I am neither a writer nor an artist. I just like to read fanfiction and look at all the pretty pictures. I friend the LJ's with the most interesting writers and artists.

So a huge thank you for your great writing and to all the wonderful artists for sharing their work.

I just opened this journal and will not be posting on my journal much but am picking the best of the writers and artists to friend.

This way I only have to read my friends list everyday and I can keep on top of everything, otherwise it would be a full time job to go to every LJ to follow up on all the wonderful stories and art.

Not that quitting my job and spending my day on LJ wouldn't be worth it but alas one must pay rent.

I am amazed at all the fabulous talent in this community and am so happy to have found you all.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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